This is Some New York Shit - Thrush Holmes


When reflecting on his work, Thrush Holmes states: “Boredom can account for much of my unfaithfulness to any one particular medium. Certain things can be better articulated through the use of neon as opposed to paint. Sometimes I need to turn the volume up, sometimes the pulse needs to be slow. I can’t be aggressive with neon in the same way I am with painting due to its delicate nature. I can’t get the immediacy with paintings that I can with collage. It’s theatre, it’s a symphony - I need different acts, different movements.” The work This is Some New York Shit demonstrates how Holmes brings a contemporary take on the traditional still life painting. The title of the work also references the art scene in New York City, and acts as a commentary on the city’s history as a cultural hub and the influence it still holds on a world scale.