The Belt

The Belt is a culturally redefined alley in the heart of downtown Detroit. Named for its physical orientation in a former downtown garment district, The Belt is located between Broadway and Library Street and links Gratiot and Grand River. The project was conceptualized and curated by Library Street Collective.

“The Belt is another example of our growing interest in reimagining underutilized spaces throughout the city. This formerly desolate alley has transformed into one of the most dynamic pedestrian-friendly public spaces in the country,” said Anthony Curis, founder of Library Street Collective.

Public Art is the driving force behind the redevelopment of The Belt. The public space is home to murals and installations by local, national and international artists. It is part of Library Street Collective’s continuous effort to ensure that artists have a space to create and engage with the public in Detroit. The project is supported by Bedrock Detroit.

The Belt also features Public Matter, a fully accessible exhibition platform curated by Library Street Collective. Public Matter features rotating outdoor exhibitions of large-scale paintings. Library Street Collective’s 2019 iteration of Public Matter, Digitalia, curated by Lady PheOnix of YES UNIVERSE! Digitalia presents augmented reality artwork by Francois Beaurain and Medina Dugger, Manzel Bowman, KESH, Trevor Stuurman, and Kyle Yearwood.

Works by Nina Chanel Abney, Rosson Crow, Carlos Rolón, Tristan Eaton, FAILE, Shepard Fairey, Sam Friedman, Tom Fruin, Hoxxoh, Hush, Nick Jaskey, Rainer Lagemann, Patrick Martneiz, Tiff Massey, Jordan Nickel/POSE, Cleon Peterson, Jason Revok, and Vhils.