The Beach Detroit - Snarkitecture


The Beach Detroit was an interactive installation by New York-based design group Snarkitecture. Situated in the heart of Downtown Detroit at 1001 Woodward Ave, this free and family-friendly installation was open to the public from Friday, March 1, 2019 through April 28th. The Beach reimagined the familiar natural and cultural elements of a day at the beach to create an unexpected and memorable experience for people of all ages. Visitors ascended a ramp before entering an all-white enclosure, where the floor descended towards the highlight of the experience - an ocean of recyclable, antimicrobial plastic balls. Two piers extended out into the ‘sea’, allowing people to stand in the center of the space and watch others, while a separate island in the center invited exploration and discovery. Visual cues such as deck chairs, lifeguard chairs, umbrellas, and signage recalled elements of the typical beach-going experience, however, these elements were made surreal by a monochrome uniformity throughout the interior spaces. 

The Beach Detroit was produced by Library Street Collective with the assistance of Cranbrook Art Museum and is supported by Bedrock and Quicken Loans Community Fund.

Photos by Hayden Stinebaugh