Shinola Hotel


The art program at the Shinola Hotel - curated by Detroit-based gallery Library Street Collective - emphasizes the brand’s roots in Detroit and growth globally. The collection features works by a significant number of Detroit artists, as well as those nationally and internationally who have presented their work through exhibitions, murals and installations in the city. Aesthetically, attention to graphic composition mixed with classic styles and text-based work reflect the convictions of the brand and compliment the well-considered design of the hotel. The art offering is full of surprises, bringing elements of bright color and 3-dimensionality to public space. The works included in the collection have unique stories but collectively touch on themes of personal experience, perseverance and triumph.

From Nick Cave’s intricately hand-crafted Tondo, to works by iconic Detroit artists Charles McGee and Beverly Fishman, the collection in the living room and mezzanine spaces reconsiders a traditional salon-style installation, with large-scale contemporary works hanging alongside black and white photography, oil paintings, and shaped canvases. Standout works include an origami-like folded canvas by Robert William Moreland; portraiture by Tyree Guyton, Cassi Namoda and Willie Wayne Smith; photography by Scott Hocking and Hank Willis Thomas; minimalist compositions by Paul Kremer, Jason Revok and Wendy White; witty text-based paintings by Scott Reeder; and significant works by Sam Friedman, Greg Fadell, Tiff Massey, McArthur Binion, Mark Flood, Mario Moore, and Cody Hudson among others