Public Art


WAITING, a 17-foot bronze interpretation of KAWS’ famous COMPANION character. The prominent placement in front of One Campus Martius, adjacent to Campus Martius Park will ensure this piece will become a Detroit landmark for residents and visitors alike.⠀ ⠀


Beverly Fishman - RISE, 2018

RISE, Beverly Fishman's large-scale mural, recently completed in downtown Detroit. The colorful, abstract mural brings a vivid transformation to the north-facing wall of the brutalist-style architecture of the Detroit City Club Apartments at 1431 Washington Blvd.⠀⠀


Willie Wayne Smith - Weather Permitting, 2017

Willie Wayne Smith's large-scale public work Weather Permitting, located at 35 E. Grand River in downtown Detroit.

SR_WWS_060617_001 copy.jpg

Charles McGee - Unity, 2017

Unity, a towering 118-foot-by-50-foot mural, just completed on the north elevation of 28Grand in Downtown Detroit.  The artist states that his ambition for the mural is to reach new audiences, and that he has further plans for public installations in the future.

“I felt if I could use black and white, which is the greatest combination of opposites, it would speak the strongest language and I could speak it,” McGee says of the mural. “I feel if I'm going to put it out there, I want it to be strong."


Swoon - 2016

Swoon and Detroit artist Baba Wayne complete a collaborative mural in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood. The community initiative was presented by the Detroit Institute of Arts and Library Street Collective. The mural is located on 14635 East Jefferson, Detroit. An additional mural was also completed while in Detroit, Monica, a 17' public work located at 500 Woodward, Detroit.


Nina Chanel Abney - I LEFT THREE DAYS AGO, 2016

Addressing pop culture and racial conflicts, Nina Chanel Abney paints scenes rooted in autobiography, current events, and traditional storytelling. Driven by a fascination with the perceived importance of celebrity news as compared to politics, she works in a pop-surrealist style, employing cartoonish figures and playful compositions to echo the perpetual stimulation of the digital age. 


How & Nosm - Balancing Act, 2016

Balancing Act is in place next to the Shepard Fairey work at One Campus Martius, it is the twins' tallest mural to date. the 184’ by 60’ piece explores the delicate nature of family and community on a societal scale and only took 6 days to complete, staying true to the Perre brother's reputation as the fastest muralists in the world. 




Celebrated artist Shepard Fairey created his largest mural to date on the north side of One Campus Martius in the core of downtown Detroit in May of 2015. The 184-foot-by-60-foot mural rises in a tower of stencilled red-and-cream geometric shapes that sport some of the Los Angeles-based artist's favorite images — the stylized face of Andre the Giant in a central five-pointed star, wavy curves of lotus leaves and, at the top, a peace sign and the scales of justice.

Fairey is best known for creating the ubiquitous "Hope" image of Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. The piece was commissioned by Dan Gilbert's Bedrock Real Estate Services, Meridian Health and curated by Library Street Collective to be a signature work of public art in Detroit.


Aryz , 2015


Alex Brewer/HENSE - , 2014

The artwork measures approximately 10,000 square feet - over six stories tall - and required over one hundred gallons of paint to complete. The mural is located at the Madison Building in downtown Detroit.