Paul Kremer

 Paul Kremer  Hoverweight Crop , 2018 Acrylic on canvas 60h x 48w inches

Paul Kremer
Hoverweight Crop, 2018
Acrylic on canvas
60h x 48w inches

Paul Kremer

Paul Kremer, (b. 1971), is an American artist whose artwork references everything but performance art.

Kremer uses traditional methods, working with acrylics on canvas to achieve his distinctive style of painting. His artistic production oscillates between digitally printed meditations on the internet, and massive color field abstractions.

Paul created the popular image series “Great Art In Ugly Rooms” and was a co-founder of the “I Love You Baby” collective. He has been included in publications such as The New York Times, Interview Magazine, Observer and White Lies Magazine.

Paul Kremer has exhibited his paintings worldwide, including shows in Detroit, New York, Miami, Houston, Paris, and Brussels. His works are held in private collections worldwide.

B. 1971 in Houston, TX, lives & works in Houston, TX.

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Selected Group Exhibitions

Machine Show - Library Street Collective | Detroit, USA
Unobstructed Views – Library Street Collective | Detroit, USA
EXPO CHGO – Library Street Collective | Chicago, USA
Nine Artists at Donjon de Vez Castle – T&L Galerie | Paris, FR

What’s Up 2.0– LVH Art | London, UK
Bougainvillea Begonia – Jonathan Hopson | Houston, USA
Face to Face – Ernesto Esposito Collection | Salerno, IT
Pushing Boundaries – Site 131 | Dallas, USA
Payday Lenders – Cardoza Fine Art | Houston, USA
The Future is OW – Marlborough Chelsea | New York, USA

Squatters – Makebish | New York, USA
Archaeology and Architecture – Fondazione 107 | Turin, IT
Post-Abstraction from Houston – Wilding Cran Gallery | Los Angeles, USA
Salon Zürcher – Makebish/Zürcher Gallery | New York, USA

Emotionally Unavailable Men – Mark Flood Resents | Miami Beach, USA
Windows 14 – Northern-Southern | Austin, USA

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Zona Maco - Library Street Collective | Mexico City, Mexico

Base Zones – Sorry We’re Closed | Brussels, BE

Hometown Bait – Pablo Cardoza | Houston, USA
Frozen Territory – Eugene Bender | Marfa, USA
Dad’s Garage – Makebish | New York, USA
I Love You Baby – We’ve Made a Huge Mistake | Houston, USA

Wide Open – Fondazione 107 | Turin, IT
Bring in the Stretcher – Makebish | New York, USA

Great Art in Ugly Rooms – Brandon contemporary | Houston, USA

I love you baby – Milk Duds – The Joanna | Houston, USA


I love you baby – Hairy Paintings from Scary People – Mixture Gallery, | Houston, USA