Detroit's Art Resuscitation: Library Street Collective Interview

"Thanks to Library Street Collective, downtown Detroit is being revitalized by the large-scale, colorful expression of street art. The gallery, funded by a recent collaboration with real estate entrepreneur Dan Gilbert, has been able to host artists from around the world as they explore Detroit and paint murals upon the space. Known as The Z, this newly formed garage complex is home to these massive works of art displayed upon the interior walls as well as on the building’s roof.

The initiative behind the LSC is innovative. Besides just showcasing explosive and diverse bodies of art, the goal is to explore what the defamed metropolis truly has to offer. Common notions of Detroit as an abject city of ruin are being completely reversed by the gallery’s presence. Detroit has faced a slow decline over the last fifty years as a result of corruption, race riots, it’s deteriorating auto-industry, and other factors. Now, through the work of the LSC, Detroit’s entombed cultural charm is being unearthed. Foreign artists are bringing a piece of their own cultures and uniting it with what they have acquired through their visit to Detroit. The product provides an accurate vision of Detroit’s ambitions as a city in development.

It’s delightful to see urban art forms publicly displayed in civic settings, especially when the works serve to enlighten the community and in the LSC’s case, the rest of the world. Take a detailed look at what the Library Street Collective has truly become via the establishment’s co-owner Matthew Eaton."

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