Peace and Justice Lotus - Shepard Fairey

Balancing Act - How and Nosm


Peace and Justice Lotus by Shepard Fairey, his largest mural to date. The mural was completed at One Campus Martius in the core of downtown Detroit in May of 2015. The 184-foot-by-60-foot mural rises in a tower of stencilled red-and-cream geometric shapes that sport some of the Los Angeles-based artist's favorite images — the stylized face of Andre the Giant in a central five-pointed star, wavy curves of lotus leaves and, at the top, a peace sign and the scales of justice. The mural was curated and produced by Library Street Collective with support by Bedrock Detroit. 

Balancing Act by How and Nosm is in place next to Shepard Fairey's mural at One Campus Martius, it is the twins' tallest mural to date. The 184’ by 60’ piece explores the delicate nature of family and community on a societal scale and only took 6 days to complete, staying true to the Perre brother's reputation as the fastest muralists in the world.