Expo Chicago

Booth 374
September 19 - 22, 2019


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Library Street Collective brings together works by Kelsey Brookes, Greg Fadell, Beverly Fishman, Sam Friedman, Charles McGee, Robert Moreland, Jason REVOK, and Wendy White that in concert reminisce of weather proverbs - old adages - linking patterns in nature with their physical affects on the human body. Our presentation at Expo 2019 will for the first time since the 1980s present pastel drawings by Beverly Fishman, in which she imagines the energy, movement, and sometimes turmoil of digestive, vascular and nervous systems. Sam Friedman’s cave paintings convey a palpable echo and glowing light, while REVOK and Brookes use meditative, scientific pattern to make visual and abstract that which is unseen.

Press Inquiries
Sara Nickleson | Library Street Collective | info@lscgallery.com