Coping Mechanisms

Curated by Sara Nickleson
September 8 - October 13, 2018


Beverly Fishman - Black and White Obama (Ecstasy), 2013
Urethane on wood
34.5h x 26w x 4d inches

Sam Durant - More Than 1/2 The World, 2017
Electric sign with vinyl text, Edition of 3 plus 2 APs
98.5h x 64.5w inches

Cali Thornhill-Dewitt - Expect The Worst, 2017
Corrugated plastic, vinyl, and paint
18h x 12w feet

Devin Troy Strother - Appropriation: Part 8 “Can we Swop Races for the day?” (Just for a lil bit, a hour tops), 2017
Mixed media on panel
62h x 48w x 5d inches

Adam Parker Smith - Ludovisi Gaul, 2018
Resin, fiberglass, urethane, steel; wood base
114h inches

Cassi Namoda - 2am at Cedar-Sinai, 2018
Acrylic on canvas
20h x 16w inches

Greg Bogin - Smile, 2018
Acrylic and urethane on canvas
48h x 53w inches

Kilee Price - pls dnt look @ me / im tryna dissociate, 2017
Polystyrene foam, Bondo (polyester resin), fluorescent acrylic paint
44h x 54w x 5.5d inches

Mark Flood - Where Does the Sun Go at Night?, 2018
Acrylic on printed canvas
59h x 41w inches

Paul Kremer - The Blank and its Double, 2017
Archival ink on canvas
78h x 82w inches

Willie Wayne Smith - Space Available, 2017
Acrylic and airbrushed acrylic on canvas
62h x 46w x 1.5d inches

Thrush Holmes - Fuck Trump, 2017
Oil and spray paint on canvas
96h x 120w inches

Tony Matelli - Head (Hot Dog and Bread), 2018
Cast stone and painted bronze
11h x 8/5w x 10d inches

Sheida Solemani - Revolutionary Guard, 2015
Archival pigment print
24h x 18w inches

Micah Lexier - Here, Not Here (Dark Grey), 2017
Aluminum, enamel and paint
Dimensions variable

Greg Fadell  -  Nothing , 2012 Custom formulated acrylic on cotton 93h x 78w inches

Greg Fadell - Nothing, 2012
Custom formulated acrylic on cotton
93h x 78w inches

Scott Reeder - Cute Communist Marx, 2007
Acrylic on canvas
20h x 16w inches