Circles, Dots, Lines and Shapes - Alex Brewer


Alex Brewer incorporates line, shape and gesture to create abstract compositions that are invigorated by brilliant color. A pure abstractionist, the artist has created a multitude of works over the span of 20+ years with an unending aspiration towards formal and compositional exploration. Using rollers, spray and house paint, plywood and exposed screws, the complexity of Brewer’s work belies its raw and energetic system of creation. Many of his larger works are composed of countless layers of flat color fields and shapes, textured brushwork, dripping spray and diluted latex, mercurial lines and polka dots for maximal works that never go too far: “I’d like to continue to push contemporary painting and what that can be. I’m focused on pushing myself as well as the viewer.” This mural by Brewer covers six stories of the historic Madison Building in downtown Detroit.