Amortize the Pain - Ryan McGinness


Amortize the Pain demonstrates a style of work produced by Ryan McGinness that layers logos and icons. This challenging of the language of graphics is central to his art practice. Each piece begins with a sketch, where the artist works to excavate the underlying geometry in his source imagery. Editing and simplifying continues until the visual reference has transformed into a symbol; where lines are parallel, curves concentric, and the final solution - the truth - is revealed. Once converted to a digital file, the symbol can be replicated in an infinite number of ways, used to silkscreen onto canvas, clothing, paper or a multitude of installations and products. Layering hundreds or thousands of icons creates a visual vocabulary, a language entirely recognizable as McGinness’ own. Each component is a representation, and the chaotic stratification of symbols becomes emblematic of dreams or stream-of-consciousness thought - an ongoing and ever changing mindscape.